Rap It Legal: From Buyout Agreements to Dating Rules

Yo, listen up, I got the scoop on legal matters,
From buyout agreements to 90-day dating flatters.
Let’s start with kemba walker buyout agreement, it’s a legal deal,
When a player’s contract ends, it’s time to reveal.

Looking for in-house legal jobs in Dubai, UAE,
Check out the opportunities, don’t delay.
If you’re in South Africa, agm requirements are a must,
Hold that annual meeting, it’s a legal trust.

Got a car to sell? Need a vehicle payment agreement contract,
Lay out the terms, make sure it’s intact.
And if the IRS comes knocking, know their law enforcement number,
Stay on the right side, don’t let them encumber.

Is pepper spray legal in your city?
Check the rules, don’t act silly.
Keep info confidential with an agreement to not disclose information,
It’s a legal safeguard, no need for persuasion.

And as for 90-day rule dating, it’s not just a game,
Understand the legal implications, don’t bring it to shame.
Need to change your name legally, it might cost,
But follow the process, don’t get lost.

Finally, in football, what’s the full form of UCL?
It’s the UEFA Champions League, that’s a fact, not a bluff.