Immediate BitXDR Exclusive Deposit Benefits is backed by Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital and ZhenFund for more than $10 million. Immediate BitXDR does not inform users of the type of encryption features it uses to prevent data hacks, which we’d love to see the broker add in the future. Smart Trade is a sophisticated trading bot available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The DCA bot enables users to program a sequence of purchase orders to be executed at predetermined intervals. At each of your specified intervals, the bot will purchase at the current market price, rather than based on a predetermined price. Using this method, you can achieve better long-term average pricing.

The customer support team replies fast and provides useful information on how to get started. You may contact them or post a request on one of’s social networks to get real-time assistance utilizing their built-in chat tool. It’ll buy the same amount of the coin every time interval, which lowers the entrance risks while investing in crypto. The DCA Bot capability on KuCoin and Immediate BitXDR is similar, which we compared in the following table. The strategy involves entering a price to trigger a bot that will watch the move until the maximum stop price is reached.

Customer service was great, helped me recover funds within days, not weeks. In addition to bot features and manual trading, you’ll also be able to access the following features on the app. Not to mention that it is backed by large-scale investors to the tune of $10 million and maintains its funds on two of the most well-known exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. In the event that you are a high-volume trader, you may want to consider applying for Immediate BitXDR’s Market Maker program. For your account to be eligible for the Market Maker program, you’ll need to make a deposit of at least $300,000 in USDT.

  • The trigger at the desired profit level can be entered to trigger the sell bot on a 5%, 10% and 15% retracement from the peak using a specific amount.
  • There is no maximum deposit limit on Immediate BitXDR but the minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH and 1 USDT.
  • Market data is processed and analyzed per criteria to identify the greatest chances and execute positions.
  • Crypto deposits are free of cost, whereas the crypto withdrawal rates depend on the network you are using to move the funds.
  • One of the most basic trading methods is DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging).
  • Then click the “Create a bot” in the lower right corner and select the“Grid Trading Bot”.

Applications for the Market Maker program may only be submitted within the first ten days of a given month. The program requires that you maintain a total account balance of $300,000 or more on a continuous basis after you have been approved. The purpose of the TWAP bot is to provide a lower average transaction price while minimizing the impact of the transaction on the market, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing transaction costs. Trailing Buy can help you buy as low as possible in a volatile market. The bot may be controlled by modifying its parameter settings, and when the currency price drops to a given low point and then rises by a certain percentage, it is advantageous to purchase it.

Immediate BitXDR

Additionally, Immediate BitXDR offers competitive trading fees and an innovative mobile app, making it a suitable solution for investors who trade in large volumes on the go. While automating your investment strategy using in-built trading bots, eliminates the need for you to monitor the market continually. Their time-weighted average price plans are also fairly affordable and have varied services for different countries. Their affiliate program and fee share bonus scheme allow the user more earning power. They allow structured staking and other locking methods, giving users a high yield. It is a great crypto exchange with exceptional automated trading bots; you need to try this now.

However, it has already gained a loyal user base, as it holds MAS and MBS licenses from Singapore and a U.S. The exchange has many capabilities for manual and robotic trading and does indeed help its clients grow their crypto profits. Nevertheless, new users are often hesitant to use Immediate BitXDR, as it has only been present in the industry since 2019. The most popular USDT stablecoin may incur a withdrawal fee of $1 for TRC-20 and $10 for ERC-20 networks, respectively.

Immediate BitXDR is available to users in over 100 countries across Europe, North America and Asia and is estimated to have over 1 million users around the world. So you want to purchase Bitcoin but at a discount and believe that Bitcoin’s price will decrease this week to the level at which you are prepared to purchase. Only diference is, that you use first currency in pair, and it shows you how much tokens did you earn, instead of usdt. Immediate BitXDR recently launched a new feature, which displays all open orders of a Grid Bot right on the price chart, this feature was added after strong demand from users. This allows traders to see the Grids of their Bots right on the chart, making for an easier bot experience. But using the best strategies can increase your chances of profit and minimize the risks of losing money.

Among all the trading bots available, the grid trading bot holds the highest expectations. Trading in Immediate BitXDR depends upon the usage of crypto bots, which aids in the smooth functioning of the cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto trading bots are programs and algorithms that automate trading in the cryptocurrency market. Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot profits on coin price volatility by buying short futures positions while keeping the same amount in the spot market.

You can borrow up to 60% of your collateral value and choose from various loan terms and interest rates. If you’re new to the GRID Bot, you can use the AI Strategy to set up your GRID Bot. You’re also allowed to set up your own strategy for using Set Myself mode. Above all, our experts assess whether a broker is trustworthy, taking into account their regulatory credentials, account safeguards, and reputation in the industry. If you have experience trading with Immediate BitXDR please share your personal review of the broker and what you think are strong and weak points. Compare Immediate BitXDR with the top 3 similar brokers that accept traders from your location.

While Immediate BitXDR does enable manual trading through crypto-to-crypto conversions, its primary product is its range of automated trading bots. Read about the Immediate BitXDR exchange and its trading bots features to automate your crypto trading strategies. Be a part of Binance and Huobi’s market-maker; that’s how Immediate BitXDR aggregates the liquidity from these exchanges. And being a market maker, Immediate BitXDR enjoys VERY LOW trading fees on Binance and Huobi. That’s why Immediate BitXDR only charges 0.05% from their users, and still can enjoy the privilege of Binance and Huobi liquidity. But even with 60% of the liquidity from Binance and Huobi combining, it’s enough for their users to use the automated trading bots on Immediate BitXDR.

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