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Copyright & Domain name

Copyright & Domain name


The Copyright Team of IROJE provides legal services in all aspects of copyright law such as filing application and securing registration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for all types of creative works, including software, work of art, literary work, enforcing anti-counterfeiting measures for pirated works.

Copyright Team

The Copyright Team will initiate and defend infringement suits through litigation in the civil district courts, higher courts and Supreme Court.

The talented and dedicated members of the our Copyright Team having significant experience in the areas related to all aspects of copyright, concentrate all their energies and abilities to provide stable and timely IP legal service. To this end, all members are keeping abreast of all recent change of the Korean and International Copyright laws and practices.

We, IROJE, are the official Copyright agent registered before the Korean Minsitry of Culture and Tourism

Domain name Team

The Domain Name Team of IROJE handles and advises on all aspects of intellectual property of domain name registration, such as domain name disputes and cyber-squatting issues. If a third party has registered a domain name to which the client is entitled, our team can initiate the appropriate legal steps to obtain the domain name for the client. Furthermore, our team will negotiate and initiate an ICANN arbitration proceeding or file a lawsuit on the client’s behalf, if required.

Whether it is domain name tasting, cyber-squatting, spam, security and privacy or some other as of yet unnamed practice, we will make our strategic procedure and use legal arguments, citations and strategies that have proven successful in many other domain name disputes.

Our Domain Name Team can also provide a reliable and timely watching service for clients that allows intervention against any disputable domain name registrations, which enables the client to carry out early intervention to retrieve the domain name.