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Client first
The best property of IROJE IP & LAW is integrity and honesty toward clients. We always try to identify the exact needs of the clients, provide professional IP legal service to clients, and therefore, contribute to creating stable profits for clients.

The principle of IROJE IP& LAW is “Integrity” and “Stability.”
We concentrate all our energies and abilities to provide stable and timely IP legal service, with the mind of integrity toward clients. Strong commitment and willingness to provide high quality IP legal service are other factors which make today’s IROJE.

Team work
Individual member’s betterment will make the betterment of the organization. All professional members of IROJE, having the necessary technical knowledge and experience, make harmonized team work in understanding and handling the client’s precious patent, trademark, design and copyright. We hold the respect for each individual and faith for team play.

Reliable Korean IP Partner
IROJE is your stable and reliable Korean IP Partner. We recognize the importance of our role as your Korean IP Partner. Not resting on the past success, we will continuously strive to become your reliable and stable Korean IP Partner. Profoundly aware of our responsibilities as Korean Partner, we promise that the client will receive high-caliber IP legal services from IROJE.

Korean IP Navigator
IROJE will guide and navigate to secure client’s valuable intellectual assets in Korea. By supplying timely and correct information about the Korean IP Law and Practice, we will assist for clients to easily make IP strategy in Korea.